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The Altar Server Latin Training Tape
Training Tape - original cassette

What is this?

Back by popular demand, the Altar Server Latin Training Tape is a very simple training aid for new servers. From 1995:

The most difficult part of becoming a server at the Tridentine Mass is learning the Latin responses (by reputation, the Suscipiat is the hardest of them all). After an initial process of memorization and struggle with pronunciation, hours of repetitious drill are necessary.

As a learning aid for this process, Una Voce Pittsburgh has produced an audio cassette tape of the Latin prayers and responses.

On Side One is heard both the priest's and server's part. The apprentice server practices by reciting the responses along with the voice of the server on the tape.

Once some degree of mastery is attained, the new server can further test himself with Side Two of the tape. There, only the priest's parts are recorded, and the server practices by reciting the responses alone.

There are four parts: two audio files, a pamphlet containing the Latin prayers, and a webpage of the Latin prayers with phoneticized pronunciation.

Now available as an iPad app — Introibo
The same recordings are the basis of this new application for the iPad. Three screens lead a new server through the process of memorizing, practicing, and testing himself on the prayers.
See screenshots of the application HERE.
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad (all models).
Price: FREE
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